Elkarte to Xenforo



I'm not seeing anything in search results so thought I would post.

I'm currently running an ElkArte board (based on SMF 2.0) and wondered if it would be possible to migrate users and posts etc. to Xenforo when I purchase.



I had looked at that list, thanks.

I'm assuming it will probably have to be a custom solution and I'm happy to pay for that. Any idea what the price range might be for a very small forum? No more than 150 members and probably 3-4 categories and 4-6 boards—total of maybe 1000 posts.

I'm imagining I would have to ask someone specifically for a quote, but I'm just trying to get a feel for general price for this sort of thing: $200, $2000, $20,000?

Thanks much!


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The size of the forum doesn't really come into it - the code will be the same regardless.

We can't give you a figure, it depends what a third party developer wants to charge - some of them may see this thread and get in touch with quotes.