ElastiSearch - Installation and Disk Size Req?

Sean Engle

I am interested in the Expanded Search add-on and am talking to our host about going to a VPS so I can load ElastiSearch.

One concern I have is the size of the installation relative to the amount of headroom I will have on this server. Our little database is only about 1GB in size - so I would generally assume that the created index in ElastiSearch that the Expanded Search add-on would utilize would be roughly/no bigger than that - is that correct?

Can anyone give me a rough ballpark of what to expect size-wise when I a.) install ElastiSearch; so 'size empty' and b.) commonly how large the indexes get; so size 'full' - relative to the size of the MySQL database itself?

Sorry for such a newbie question - I've been talking to ElastiSearch about this, but it's kind of like talking to the Pentagon and I want to ensure that I'm not creating more issues for myself.

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