Elasticsearch Newbie seeking tips


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After a few attempts I managed to get Elasticsearch running on a separate Debian instance connected only via a private 10.x.x.x network, which is working with XF Enhanced Search on my site. I read through posts here about configuration, but followed the crazy amount of configuration steps on Elastic.Co. Have some questions:
  • Elasticsearch is really the only thing running on this new server, and it doesn't appear to be working that hard. I used an instance with 4g RAM, 2 vCPUs, and 40gb storage. There is usually 2Gig RAM free, 4gb storage being used total, and if I'm not reindexing the CPU utilization barely ticks above 8%. If I build a new instance how much lower can I go?
  • The XF Admin reports a 22 millisecond average response on searches. I've never done this before but think the search response time would be lower if my ES were locally hosted with my XF site. However, is 22ms reasonable for a separate server?
  • My RAM configuration is set to 1Gig, I currently have the resources but does increasing the amount of RAM for Elasticsearch result in a better user experience?
  • I'm trying to figure out where the index data is stored, both on my ES Server (which I think is /var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/) and is there anything that is built/stored with Xenforo that I need to be aware of?
  • On Elastic's website, there are other tools shown. Would any of them be beneficial to download/install as well?
  • What Xenforo Addons would be recommended, for one who runs Elasticsearch on a separate server?
Thanks in Advance :)