ElasticSearch 8 on a system with 1GB RAM


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I have several existing ElasticSearch servers running ES6.x in different geopraphic locations - one of these servers happily runs for several low traffic sites on a standalone VPS with only 1GB of RAM (512m heap allocated).

I've updated my build scripts to install a new ES8.x server (currently installs ES 8.8) and I found it was getting killed by the OOM process with 512m of heap allocated on a new Ubuntu 22.04 machine with 1GB RAM available.

I tried increasing the VPS memory to 2GB and it now works - noting that the elasticsearch.service reports memory usage of 934M on a fresh install with no data in it yet.

I'm using the JVM supplied with ES.

Anyone else have any experience with memory usage on ES 8.x yet?

Any suggestions on tweaking memory allocation to get it to work on a 1GB VPS?

I'll likely be deploying this new build on the same server as my LEMP stack - so there will probably be a bit more RAM available anyway, but it would be nice to have the option of running a low powered (and low cost!!) standalone VPS for ES if needed.
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