Editor eats double-space when link is present


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If I'm entering normal text, I can type spaces (-) manually: "a.--b.--c.--". If I insert a link into the text, I can no longer type a second space at the end of the text. "a.--b.--c.-". There seems to be some sort of automatic reflow happening when a link is involved that reinterprets the text and squashes the spacing on the fly. It's not consistent. Sometimes it only affects the text following the link and leaves the text before the link unchanged. The interference with the text-as-typed feels intrusive and unpleasant.

On the subject of single vs. double spacing after a period:
  • Historically, double-space was beneficial in monospaced contexts to separate sentences.
  • iOS exploits the tendency by automatically inserting a period after double-space as a kind of end-of-sentence gesture.
  • HTML disregards extraneous space, and it's less relevant to proportional fonts. (But it does display in editors which can be useful during composition.)
  • Style guides no longer recommend it, but this is a change.
  • There is now something of a style war around it.
  • Regardless, it rarely affects presentation, and a large number of current typists learned to type this way and will continue to do so for decades to come. So, even if it's no longer preferred, it's not strictly "wrong" to the extent that we should repudiate the population that still has the muscle memory to favor it in their own typing or any other reason to put spaces where they want when composing.
It's not clear whether this is a problem with the upstream froala editor, with how it's integrated or with some content reinitialization that happens when links are involved, but the effect is noticeable and capricious. Ideally, the rich features would respect the content-as-typed while editing. The only workaround seems to be to drop down to raw BBCode or avoid inserting links.
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