XF 1.5 Editor box, link color, how do I change it?


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The background color for the link inside the editor is the same as the background. How do I change it so that it is only changed in the editor to be the same as regular text color?

As you can see below you can't see the link on the first line.

if I highlight it you can see it. This happens for all URLs including the ones that are for IMG etc. It's been problematic for a long time and I'm finally just tired of working around it by highlighting it.


I tried looking in the Style but can't tell which is the message editor box. Do I only have to change it in one place or will I have to change it also in the private messages and other entry boxes?

Thanks in advance.


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I figured it out a solution. I couldn't figure out how to address the text to make it BLACK for links also I just tinted the background of the editor.


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There is a style property for that - enter 'ugc' in the ACP search to locate it.