XF 1.2 Editing / replace/ Adding Smileys


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I am wanting to learn more about how XF uses smiley, I notice they are not static images.
Say I wanted to replace :X3: with
large for demo reasons of this post.

How would that be done. or is another edit required if so how is that done.

Wanted to get these nailed down so I can have some site niche specific smileys.


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The simplest way would be to replace the image on the server.

I do that at Xmas when I replace the standard :) smiley with a santa smiley.
Then revert back in January.


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Hi Brogan , when I right click an image it says clear.png on all. How do you replace them? Or do I just need to
look a them on the server I am guess they are individual images there ??