Editing link properties individually (see pic)


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"Oh, no...another question from Kurt..." :/ lol

I'm playing around in Firebug (or Chrome's built-in equivalent, rather) and changed the color and text-shadow of "a:visited {." However, I only want it to change in the navtabs, not the subforums and everything else. This wonderfully-drawn Paint image explains it more clearly:

XF Text Shadow.png
I only want the white and text-shadow on the smiley-faced and "OK" portions, obviously. :p Is there a template/style property edit that will easily do that?? I wasn't able to find anything (but as you've probably noticed from other posts, that doesn't mean a whole lot, bahahaha).

Thanks in advance. :D


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Oh...STUPID me!! The only reason it wasn't working was because I forgot to put a semicolon after defining the link color. lololol Thanks as always, Jake!