Editing License


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I have a dead forum, but one that I don't want to completely delete. I'm starting a new forum, where I'd like to use that existing license. Under the terms, would disabling the forums be sufficient? If there is a migration tool to vB, I'd likely use that just to keep them live in some format and allow me to use all of my old vB licenses.

My choice was using an old vB license for this new forum or starting things proper with XF. I chose XF.


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Can't he keep it for testing purposes?(hidden from the public)
Yes, of course he can. But then again, it can only be at one domain. He'll have to move his old public site to a private subdomain on his new site.
I'm sorry if I understood the OP wrong. I understood "Noone can post anymore but the site still shows" as "Disabling" (You know, like XenFans did for a while.)