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When it is planned to include support of editing of titles of threads by the user, created a thread?

I already saw function canEditThreadTitle in library/XenForo/Model/Thread.php in source of 1.1. b4.

Also it would be desirable to have possibility to adjust the right to users not only for editing of title of a thread, but also a prefix.

If there will be such possibility in an ideal the rights in each node which should give functions of a moderation to the users, being creators of threads should be installed.


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My question concerns not to the possibility which is considered in the thread specified by you more. To me the question, on schedulable functionality is important.

Agree that it nevertheless a bit different.


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To me the question, on schedulable functionality is important.
Asking when a certain feature is going to be available isn't what the suggestions forums are for.

Nevertheless, it is obviously planned as evidenced by the code currently present in the files.

If users are able to edit thread titles, then it stand to reason that they will also be able apply/change prefixes, assuming they have permission to use any available prefixes.

Therefore the suggestion is still the same.


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The matter is that there are situations when the user needs to be almost high-grade master of a thread:
  • delete offtopic posts;
  • edit the first post;
  • edit poll;
  • edit title and prefix of thread;
  • lock a thread;
  • remove own lock.
Thus these rights should be termless up to closing of a subject by the moderator.