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XF 1.4 edit the login form

im using amember for the account management for my website but after the release of xf 1.4 and amember 4.4 i cant get the 2 systems to cooperate.

i need to change the values of my login form on the xenforo system to use the amember login form instead. And i have tried to find some infomations on the forum without any luck so far.

i have a Xenforo forum that i want to integrate with the amember account system.

i need to change some of the values in the forum templates "login_form_bar" in a way so it will use the amember system when they login. The guys over at amember have looked and setup all the software on their side of the system. now i need the xf part to sync also

I need to edit the login template and update form action with http://accounts.mydomain.net/login , username field name should be amember_login, password field name should be amember_pass.

i really hope that you guys can help me out.