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In multiple choice polls, the "Change vote" button withdraws the vote, allowing the user to revote. This clears the users selections for the existing vote, presenting him with empty checkboxes. In large polls such as this one, that is extremely inconvenient if the user's intent is to modify his vote by adding or deleting a choice or two. If he's selected 10 responses and wants to add one more, he has to reenter the 10 original choices in addition to one new one.

I propose that the "change vote" functionality be modified from "withdraw vote" to "edit vote", with the added functionality of maintaining the user's selections. Perhaps the vote could be maintained in a temporary structure, then the checkboxes repopulated with the prior responses after the vote is withdrawn. A "withdraw vote" button could be maintained with the existing function of "Change vote".

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Kind of related to this, where a vote cannot be withdrawn via change vote:

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