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XF 1.3 Edit NavBar

Hi guys.

My question is this.

As i can change the navbar of the next way:


Mine is this


I try but I did not come out correctly.



Well-known member
You can go into the Style Property >> Header & navigation and tinker around in there or do it through your EXTRA.CSS template. If your attempting to move the visitorTabs, I know forsaken wrote a guide on how to move this if that's what your attempting.

Unsure what your trying to do to be honest. If your trying to replicate the first screenshot navbar/Tabs, you would be best to ask the author where you screen capped that and ask how he/she accomplished it.

Edit: Found the guide if it's the visitortabs you want to move. https://xenforo.com/community/threads/moving-visitor-tabs-to-the-moderator-bar.29049/