Implemented Edit Avatar by clicking on own avatar


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Once you click on your avatar already some user information pops up. If there is no avatar. Then there is a link to the "Add your avatar page".

Most users do not know what an "avatar" is. It is the picture you are represented by on the forum section.


I remember the first day I logged in to CompuServe and before I could do anything on their home page I was asked to select an avatar. I wanted to find on the net what an avatar meant, but they wouldn't allow me to surf, without picking an avatar.


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Yes, exactly. We are so technology oriented people, we just do not know that there are people who have problems with
  • sign up or register
  • avatar (it seems to be the movie? is this about the movie?) or profile picture
  • the link in the editor for the [ url ] bbcode looks like something on my bike - so what is that? system should auto-fetch all urls and make them pretty
But this design here looks good! I like especially that when you post something here, your avatar is directly next to it, it looks like the other posts.