Eco Print Option for Thread/Conversation/Resource Manager [50% off till 30th June, 2013] [Paid]


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@Gopala Subramanium thanks for the update.
I don't know why, but the Print Thread still not display in the Thread toolbox.

I own two addons
Change Thread Starter
sonnb - Live Thread

Both of those addons display info in the Thread tool dropdown menu.
I deactivated both of them, but still no Print Thread mention.


Gopala Subramanium

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It's not working for me on my site that's running 1.2.3
Sorry, but I would need a little more information to fix it as the add-on is compatible to this version. If you don't want to post it here, then please PM me atleast the following:

(i) Web URL
(ii) Theme that you are using


Gopala Subramanium

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It worked absolutely fine on my site with the same theme. Can you create and PM me a temporary admin credentials ID, so that I can fix it for you? You can delete this ID later on. Thanks,



Hi everybody!
Current resourse doesn't work in my community. Buttons not active. Why? May be have wrong settings? Can you help me?
P.S. Xenforo 1.2.3

Gopala Subramanium

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Hi Mr. Konstantin Avanesov,

This add-on is 100% compatible with the current version of xenForo 1.2.3. You can check that @ www.FixMyStuff.In.

The add-on uses certain phases for template modifications. Sometimes times, due to other add-ons the modifications don't apply correctly. I have over 40 clients using this add-on and it's working fine for them.

Helping you would be my pleasure. Can I request to share [PM] a temporary admin/password of your xenForo which you can delete later on once I check it out for you.



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Just got this and installed it and it seems to be working fine, but the thread I need to print is quite large and this stops after 18 pages. Is there a setting I'm missing? I need the whole thread printed.

edit: Never mind. This prints 1 page at a time. So can this print the entire thread? Like, all the pages?
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