XF 1.3 Easy Registration for Mobile Users

Hi everyone. I think i asked a question similar last time but did not get answers. I have my forum set up and everything looks fine. The only thing lacking right now is users not able to register on mobile on opera mini. A lot of people in my place use opera mini and more than half of my over 6,000 group members on Facebook use mobile. Since i am moving my group from Facebook to my forum, i want to be able to retain nearly all of them.

The complain is that they can't register on mobile on opera mini. After they enter their details, they get "(Please wait 10 secs)" just like one would get on PC. But i guess in opera mini the countdown won't work and i understand its because Opera Mini uses a transcoder server to translate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a more compact format.

My question now is that, is it possible to remove that 10 secs wait period on the registration form and will that make registration possible on opera mini? Or is there an add on one can use for mobile to make it work? Right now i am using the Xforo mobile addon.