Dynamik forums

Welcome to Dynamik everyone! We're a new General Entertainment forum here to bring you some stress relief and enjoyable discussions. We're all laid-back with common sense and a crazy mind. :p We expect you not to be any different! :cool: If you're looking for a new home where you can chill out at, you've just found your new place. For now the forum is pretty compact in layout wise terms, if you feel like you're missing something, don't hesitate to let us know!

Dynamik exists due to ZetaBoards being merged with TapaTalk and we just want to keep in touch with everyone we know from there. We wanted to create a forum where we can go to after work and a day of stress to have a chat and fun without any expectations or stress. So Dynamik from now of on is your personal chillax place. :cool:

Many things will be added down the road to success with your help, so if you want something, just tell us. This is a community for you. I'd like to give some extra attention to our Marketplace and Shop addition. It's something I really want to be used a lot of could provide us with a lot of fun in the future. You'll be able to exchange things for our Dynamik currency in all kinds of different ways. Services, advertisements, graphics, etc. We'll setup some auctions in the future, give away things to make your stay more enjoyable. You can also buy your own clubforum where you can do whatever you please (Still keep the rules in mind though, but way more loose)

You can also make your own shop or marketplace where the possibilities are just endless.

In the future we'd love to expand more graphic related stuff and forum related stuff (Resources, services, advertisements, discussions, battles, etc.) But we wanted to keep everything a bit compact and not overwhelming for now.