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Dynamic Content - a bit like IP.Content from IPB


Hi folks,

Have recently purchased the software with a mind to migrating in the next quarter.

Have pretty much ticked off most of the features I need, but now missing one component. It maybe serviced by wordpress; field_types, drupal; cck and so on.

So the request, IP.Content allows the forum admin to create databases with a set of templates to interface for CRUD operations. This can be set to permissions, so guests could fill in a form, a row appears in the DB for approval etc. It's uses are very wide reaching.
One could consider this to be used for reviews, ratings, calling cards, almost anything that is user content generated.

A simple use case: A motoring forum, there are many dealers around the world.

As an admin I create a database with the fields: {name, phone_number, longitude, latitude, description}

As a admin, member or guest I want to add a dealer, I'll fill in my ip content generated form adding the details for the fields.

As a member or guest I would see a thank you message for submitting the entry to add the new dealer.

As an admin I can review and approve new entries. Assume I have done some approvals now.

<note at this point this assumes a use case where guests and members can add, and assumes a approval before display>

As a admin, member or guest viewing a list of recently approved records I see an entry for Acme dealers in Manchester, I click the link and get presented with the details, I can now see the description.

At each point a template system kicks in to allow bespoke templates per database.

I described this to a friend and he suggested gravity forms in wordpress, this on the surface looks like it might (might) just do the trick.

So, anyone got any suggestions?

I know almost anyone coming in from IPB will have used or looked at ip.content... using it is another story ;)


Thanks for the reply, I'd half forgotten about this. Been off doing some mobile dev work with erlang...

Where I got to with this is, I'd like to use drupal, it's fields (was cck) does all of this. The only blocker is there is no real 'bridge' between the two bits of software yet.

2nd option is joomla, with wordpress the third, both of these now has a cck alternative. Both also integrate with xenforo very well. That said I've only tested the wordpress one so far.

So I'm presently looking at wordpress to see if it would do. There are migration options from wordpress to joomla to drupal. I'd rather not, but I'm not going to hold the whole thing because of no bridge to drupal...

Does that help?


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Thank you, Colin. Drupal is definitely something I am considering. I, with my unlimited naivete was hoping for an add-on that would do something like this in XF, and then I would not need Drupal.

Perhaps, one day.