XF 1.5 During upgrade, it falsely tells me that my version is the most current.


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Hello, upgrading from 1.5.6 to 1.5.12.

As you can see from the following screenshot, I just downloaded the 1.5.12 upgrade package. I unzipped the package and uploaded it using ftp. I must have done something wrong because it tells me that 1.5.6 is the most current version (see below) when I got to /install/

Any idea what I might have done wrong?


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Yeah, that makes sense. I've double checked, though.

More info:
The file modified dates on several files in the root directory indicate that I was successfully able to upload some files...

It's fine to use a single upgrade package to jump from 1.5.6 to 1.5.12. That's standard, right?


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I think I got it. When I was unzipping, I think I must have cancelled the operation before it was complete. Hence I uploaded an incomplete package.

I'm tired.

Thanks for your patience.