XF 1.5 During football games, my users use one thread like a "real-time chat" and it's killing my cpu.


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What would be causing the horrible cpu load? Is there something I can do software side to fix this? Thanks for any ideas.


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install a chat or shoutbox.

yeah Im not asking for alternatives. I have TaigaPro installed but my users prefer a thread. vBulletin handled it so now they are complaining that they cant do it like they used to.. and yes I know, xenforo is "message board not real time chat software" I have already explained this. So I am just looking for a specific answer to my question..

@Brogan ?

Tracy Perry

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What steps have you taken to tune mySQL, your PHP processor and your HTTP server?
What hardware are you currently on, and how many active visitors are there when this is occurring.

There is no simple "do this to fix that" when optimizing for heavy load on a server. It's usually little tweaks here and there.