Drupal Forum to XenForo

Hi All,

I built this forum on 4 December 2012, on 28 April 2014 decided to switch to XenForo, and the decision is right, very satisfied with this migration.

I use the following route when migrating the users and the contents: Drupal -> phpBB -> XenForo. The script only migrates users that have posts and they must reset their password before they can login.

Step 1: Migrates the users that have posts.
Step 2: Migrates the forum topics+comments to phpBB 3.
Step 3: Using XenForo built in importer.

When migrating from Drupal to phpBB, the node ID (Drupal) and the topic ID (phpBB) has the same ID, this very useful to do a wildcard redirection later so the forum will not lose current search engine ranking.

Previously I always use managed hosting and this time decided to manage it by myself (learn by doing it), a little bit frustrating at first but once accustomed it was really fun :)

This is my old Drupal 7 URL structure:

and just need to add simple wildcard:

RedirectMatch 301 /topic/(.*)/ /threads/$1
Still use the default theme, because the old forum also use blue color as branding.

Site URL: https://t.co/MIKf7QAkFj
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