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Is there a way to have dropdown menus open upwards instead of dropping down?

I've created a bottom navbar, so I need them to open upwards if possible?

Thank you :)
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I would screenshot it, but it's not working how I want, so I can't really screenshot anything at the moment.

Basically, I want the dropdown menus to open upwards instead of dropping down. Usually the menu drops open below the link, I would like it to open up above the link.
There's no default way. You have to alter the XenForo.js to achieve it, best by creating a new function linked to a similar but different class.

I would do, but I'm not that great with js.

I did have a little scan through the xenforo.js though and if I understand it correctly, it checks to see if there is enough space for the menu to drop down into and if not, it adds a class "BottomControl", which I believe makes the menu open upwards, well, it appears to anyway lol

For now, I've kind of got things working how I want by adding a class to the relevant elements and putting this in my css...

.bottom-menu {
top:initial !important;
bottom: 50px !important;

..it seems to be working for the most part, but it's a bit intermittent, more so on mobiles. That said, it will do for now until I can achieve something better

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