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Dropdown menu

Hey Guys,

I have posted a topic already about adding new navigation tabs but how do I add a new drop down menu?

I tried just editing the navigation template but and I could duplicate an existing dropdown menu (members) but I had problems when trying to tweak it to be my own... I am not sure what all else am I suppose to edit and thought I better ask before I mess something up.

Pope Viper

Well-known member
Thought I would bump this, as I have the same question.

Specifically, I want to add two tabs as the following:

Special Access
- Jukebox
- Library
- File Access
- etc.

- AdminCP
- PHPAdmin
- IIS Manager
- etc.

Obviously, I'll want conditionals so specific groups can access them

Thanks in advance!


I am 75% done with a plugin that does this. We're about ready to release the first beta. I will work on this now and release it here on XenForo as well. It will have an 'admin only?' checkbox, but it won't have specific usergroup support.

Screen shot 2011-09-09 at 7.21.57 AM.png


It can do what xenforo can do, - you can always recode html/css templates to do what you need. This is just for those who want a simple solution to adding a few new tabs with some links without going through hoops - or upgrade issues in the future.