RM 1.1 Drop Category - Tagline

Is it possible to drop the word "category" from the url?

This is how it displays now:




Also, I don't need the tagline field for how I am creating this section. Is there a way to prevent it from being required? I don't need to enter anything there because I am using this for displaying an image and the tag would have to be exactly the same as the title for it to even be worthwhile. Then i have 2 tags showing up that are the same in certain areas and it looks stupid. lol I would like to make it so it isn't required but can't seem to locate how to do that.

I had attempted to use the route filter before I posted Brogan and it didn't work.

This is what I did for recreation purposes:




When I went to the page though it didn't work. It didn't rewrite the url and instead showed an error page because it seems like it did attempt to rewrite it and now the page isn't actually there. I obviously removed the rewrite and everything worked again, with "categories" in the url.

I then tried:




That creates a loop and the page won't load at all and shows the loop error. (I'm using Chrome.)

I am using the modification by Waindango though and am wondering if that is causing the issue. I have the resource manager split into 3 different resources doing 3 different things. One is for downloadable PDF's as the original resource, one is for the image section I am creating and one is for a classifieds section. I wanted to drop the word "categories' from the url because on the site I am porting from vBulletin, my categories all have a 2+ page rank and they will be 301 redirected to the new URL via an htaccess file when I am done. I want to maintain the same structure I have been using for years on vBulletin and that word isn't part of the equation.

I am still interested in dropping the tagline being required if that is possible. I am displaying images and all that is listed for the actual description is some copyright info. The tagline would have to be a replication of either the title or the description based on how this is being created and serves zero use for this ported section and is going to confuse people when they add to the section since there is no actual content to enter there. I would also be cool with creating default text in that field and then just having the section hidden from view. That way it is populated but since it doesn't show for the user or on the page it wouldn't matter. Is this a possible work around?
If I am going to have to use the "c" I may as well just keep the word categories. I am trying to drop that part entirely. lol The idea is to lose the words/letters that have zero SEO purpose for me. My current cat titles on the site i am porting are title-name/{name}/ and they are all 2pr+. The stop words (categories/c) are garbage for the URL and I wanted to get rid of it completely.