XF 1.5 Drafts

Steve Freides

Active member
Is there a way to implement a more fully-featured Drafts mechanism in XF? I notice that, if I navigate away from a message I'm composing, sometimes it will appear, in a lighter-color typeface, when I return to that thread. Is this what XF considers a Draft message?

I would like to have drafts much as they are in my various email accounts - I can, when composing a message/thread/reply, elect to Save As Draft, I will have a Drafts folder containing all my draft messages, if I navigate away from the message composition window, my draft will be automatically saved in, and visible within, a Drafts folder?

Is any of this capability available now, is it available as an add-on, is it planned for XF 2, and please share whatever other thoughts you may have or more this to the Suggestions forum.