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Nelson T.

We run a machinist site.

One of the features of our site is a downloads directory, which contains manuals and how-to files, mostly in PDF format.

Users get a certain amount of download privilege by bytes, that they can download each day, according to group, in order to keep them from burning through our bandwidth. The one we use now is made by DBTech for VB (ugh).

My questions:

1. Is there a compatible substitute for XenForo.
2. Can I IMPORT the files I have now into it somehow?

Thanks very much for all your help guys!

Nelson T.

(Bumps up)

No one has offered to tackle this yet, and I see a LOT of requests for it.
It would have to import files from an external directory. (on server, or on computer- it doesn't matter).
I would pay up to $100 for this addon, and I am sure they would too.
If 20, people buy it, 20 x $100 is $2000. Think about it, let me know by PC. Thanks.


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Use Xen Product Manager or some other licence manager to gate access. And then pay for some basic meter to be strapped on for how often someone can download something in units or bytes.

Modern bandwidth, especially behind CloudFlare, is ridiculously cheap. There are examples of some XF users who upload 600-800gb and CloudFlare pushes out ~12 terabytes of content due to caching per month.