RM 1.2 Downloadlink to Ressource


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we are hosting several Mods for a game which are automatically gathered with their respective Downloadlinks to a Tool which then installes the Mods automatically. Apparently the Ressource Manager has Versioning, which is great, but there seems to be no way to produce a Downloadlink without the Version - which always points to the newest version.

So my question is: How can I create a Downloadlink for the Mod Installation Tool, that it can download the Ressources without having to change the download link in the Tool whenever a Ressource Mod has uploaded a new Version? Like instead of "/download&version=6" for example: "/download&version=newest" ?

Anyone an idea?

And before you ask, we had to stick with Xen 1.5 instead of upgrading to 2 at the moment because the Addons we need to use are not existing for Xen2 at the moment. So we cannot easily upgrade.


S Thomas

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Well, this is the default behaviour in RM2. You could at least download XF2+RM2 and try to figure out how RM2 does handle that.