Download all photos from album in one click


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I personally don't like the idea of ALL the images being available for download with a single click. I'd presume you'd want them to then be packaged up in a .zip file for download?

I'd not like someone to have the ability to download for example all 180 high res images from one of my albums, as that would result in a large single file download that the server would need to process.

I'd be all for the ability to restrict the number based on permissions, and then have the member check box off the images they want to download, in the same way you can do with OneDrive



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I never thought about how they would be downloaded. But in a zip/rar file would be perfect and choosing which pictures to download would be great too.

I agree that it would be bad allowing anyone/guests to download all albums. But i was thinking that only paying/premium members would be allowed.


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My members have always requested this feature, but as an admin, I am wary of this feature -- I turned this on for one of my more popular galleries running Coppermine Photo Gallery (which has a plugin that offers the ability to download album as zip), and I noticed an immediate spike in my bandwidth.

I think a better approach is one offered by @MattW.

Taking this a step further, I've seen gallery systems where you add individual photos to your "Favorites", and then you can download your Favorites album. (And the Favorites would have a cap of, for example, 50 photos. This could be permission-based, to reward certain member groups.) This at least force users to go through more clicks while still offering the end goal of user downloading.


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I agree with you. There is also lots of ways to slove this problem.

Here is already a good example. One of *******'s add-ons that was made for the resource manager. "Limit Resource Downloads"*******-limit-resource-downloads.3117/

So a "Limit Media Gallery Downloads" would be an excellent add-ons or feature added.

Because we all know if we give Full Permission. Members would go crazy and download all the photos.

I always do! hehe


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I like this idea, and has been requested by someone from my community.

I'd be happy with any form of download whether it's by "album" or hand picking a group of images as "favourites".

Make it a user permission so we can make it a "community premium" feature. (y)


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I think this would be extremely helpful. And the download selected image button could have a user group permissions setting.
It is a bit strange that this is not a feature already?