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Down and dirty simple rotating ads


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I think your code is wrong. The code you quoted above is wrong and not the same. I think the semicolns will break it. You must use the same code and only replace the text in capitals with simple URLs, if you are wanting to get all the affiliate stuff to work, then I think this is not what you want, it's just a very simple and basic method to get rotating banners. Your URLs have all kinds of stuff that will break this, e.g ? ; and target="_blank"


if you cannot get a test ad displaying with something very simple, e.g. the word TEST as mentioned above (or a simple image URL) then you could be wasting time trying this out.

Yes, my screenshot is xf2. But it will also work in xf1.
Perhaps that is what happened; the semicolons broke it.
I did use the same code and only replaced the code in capitals, but the URLs for the affiliate I want to display are not "simple". I guess it won't work for ShareASale affiliate links.

I did try it with your exact code and a simple link to a banner I uploaded on my server, and it still didn't, as you said, I may be wasting my time.

Thanks anyway. No harm, no foul.
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Yes, my screenshot is xf2. But it will also work in xf1.[/QUOTE]

How would this work with xf1.3? The ACP doesn't have an ad setting.

Many thanks!