Don't allow users to leave settings pages if they've changed values and not saved the changes


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In the account settings page and on other your account pages it's possible for users to change settings and then leave without saving them.

This may lead them to believe they've changed privacy settings or added additional information to their profile correctly, however none of it has been saved. This can be particularly frustrating if they type out a lot of original content into the 'About You' section.

It shouldn't be possible to accidentally forget to save on pages like this.

Please ensure the user is prompted to save their changes if they try to leave without saving them. Something like this could work:

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Some of the fields it doesn't affect, as they have their own modal which force you to click save to commit the change, which works. Those include username, email, avatar and profile banner.

Many checkbox and text based fields seem to be vulnerable to a user not remembering to click save though.
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