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Nearly there ;)
To be brutally frank, WHAT THE HELL is with this inaccessible train wreck of "WCAG, WHAT's THAT?!?" idiocy?!? This is perhaps the WORST Javascript for nothing, fixed width, fixed metric fonts, inaccessible illegible garbage I have seen on a forums this side of phpBB. Whoever thought this should be deployed here deserves a boot right up their arse.

Now I get to decide if I'm just going to say "to blazes with DP" for a year or two again like I did after the vBull 4.x upgrade, or if I'm going to take the time to make some user.css to make this site useful again by overriding/hiding all the garbage.

LOVE how most of the buttons are below legibility norms, (grey on green, dark green on dark green), the completely useless and illegible 9px fonts, serif fonts for a screen target... I mean it's ALMOST functional if I zoom in 150%... You know that laundry list in my signature? No? READ IT!

-- edit -- side note, also loving that javascript submit that takes a year and a half on every new message or edit... Ok, so scripting blocked...

Ahh... love the appreciation some forum owners get.
Good to see he finally switched over. Didn't think he would be changing over due to him tweeting once "Why would I leave the vBulletin world" which now I see I read wrong due to early mornings hating my brain :p.
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