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We are setting up a website about local tradespeople and creating a way for users to give feedback to these traders so we can create a local directory of trusted people who they can use for anything they may need, eg a plumber or a locksmith.

The problem is finding a suitable domain name, ideally we would like both the .com and domains.

Eg the first name that popped into my head was "trustwho" ... but while the domain is available, the .com isn't.

Have tried a whole load of ideas.


and the list goes on.

So im throwing the ball out to you guys, any ideas? :D If someone finds one we like and the .com and are available i'll throw you 10 bucks over paypal :)

Brett Peters

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I would probably use the same format for the domain as a google search to find a trusted trade in my local area

Location Local Recommended Trades
Location Local Recommended Trusted Trades


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