Domain IP hijacking


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Has anyone else ever been on the wrong end of domain ip hijacking? I just went through this even though my provider apparently has defenses against it.

I am with DNSMadeEasy and they swore black and blue that the problem was not on their end. However, when I delved deeper into my DNS configuration I found 5 extra DNS servers assigned to my domain and one of DNSMadeEasy's domain servers has been redirected to this a-holes server.

I admit that I was using DME's default server names and some of it was my stupid fault anyway but am not too happy that it happened at all. If *think* I have cured the problem by assigning my own vanity servers to my domain plus creating a custom SOA record to define my parent server.

To say I am a little uneasy with DME is an understatement. Does anyone have a DNS supplier recommendation that isn't going to cost me the earth to move to?



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I only use my own DNS servers, with custom configurations. I don't like someone else having control over my settings, even if they provide you with a web interface to configure everything. Nothing beats the named logs to verify your setup from A to Z.