does XF will have same amount of pageviews as VB? Can I turn off ajax?


Sorry if I'm not understanding it correctly. If I will migrate VB to XF will my pageview amount stay the same? I think lot's of ajax features will prevent a website from refreshing, thus I will loose on pageviews which is important stat for PV ad campaigns. Is this thinking correct? Is there anyway to turn off ajax ar count them as PV?
I don't know if I asked question correctly. I will show an example:

1. on VB without "helpful" scripts, if user wants to add a topic he clicks add topic he adds topic and then he gets redirected.

2. XF shows posting options on the same page as he is reading and adding a topic on the same session?

1. 3 page views (1 loaded website + 1 redirected to new topic page + redirected to added topic)
2. 1 page view (all done on same page without reloading and redirections?)

Another example:

If you scroll down forums can show you next page as a continuation, you don't have to click next site. It is super convenient but do you get all page views as you would get from all the clicks through on "next page"?
I had never thought about this. I suppose on vBulletin, you reply to a thread and the page refreshes. On xenforo it doesn't so the stats would show fewer actual page views. However I would think that is a small percentage compared wity people generally using the site and going from page to page.

I would think the better user experience outweighs any potential "apparent" loss of page view stats. I always prefer advertsiser to use CPC anyway, they get better value as they know the clicks are more useful for conversions. and they get waht they pay for.
In general yes, but... there is a huge but. When you are displaying an ad ppl are still seeing it and company is gaining but you have nothing from this. On top in 90% times you are unable to influence the quality of ad. If company makes crappy ad it's all over your place. Their logo and recognition is advancing and your revenue is dropping due to the fact that if you had a good campaign you would have clicks.
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