Does XenForo have tagging system and similar topics?


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I'm using SMF and i really want to convert to another more capable forum system. I've been looking for a long time, but i can't give up certain crucial features on my forums which have been operational for almost 7 years! I don't want to lose the ability of adding tags to topics. And i also need the Similar Topics feature, which lists 5 topics at the bottom of the thread, related to the topic that i am now viewing. Do such modifications or features already exist on XenForo? If not, then this forum software is not for me, and i'll have to keep looking.


the default feature set does not have "similar threads" or "tagging of content".

Carlos B

I just recently switched over to XenForo, and I have not seen either of these. In my opinion, those are two very small factors, but if that's what you need, then that's what you need.


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XenForo seems fast... But nevermind, i found what i needed at IPB. In their recently released version 3.3.0, they just added the Similar Topics feature which operates based on tags used in topics (clever!) so there is a minimal impact on server resources when that feature is enabled. If XenForo had those basic (and absolutely necessary) features, i would have already bought it by now, instead of typing this reply. I just had a look at vBulletin and their latest version also has those very useful features... But i'm going to buy IPB as vBulletin is too heavy on server resources and i want to keep using my shared server package since i run a medium-sized community since 7 years with no problem at all.

I hope XenForo improves on its basic set of features in the near future... I don't think i'm going to convert again, not in the next few years at least, as i just paid $175 for IPB.