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does tweeting / advertising on twitter work for you?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pk698, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. pk698

    pk698 Active Member

    so I signed up for twitter about ...eons back but never really use it. I heard people advertising their business/websites on twitter by just tweeting. how well do you find this service useful? have you found a lot of success (considerable traffic gain) to your site by using twitter?
  2. vVv

    vVv Guest

    nah, twitter advertizing doesn't seem to work at all for me.. :( i'd tweet something, get alot of "hits".. then that's it. i don't think i've had one membership on my site from twitter.. even though i had couple hundred following me on twitter and had "hits" from it. not sure WHY, but yeah... lol
  3. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    Interaction is key, I've picked up several clients solely through Twitter.
    Those that just setup their feed then never check on it, will get very little in return.
  4. vVv

    vVv Guest

    well perhaps that's my problem then.. lol. i set up account, never really check it, never interact with anyone per se.. just post links about the site and off i go.. hahaha. i'm just not big on the whole social networking thing i guess lol. just want / wish to use it in hopes of getting more hits/memberships thats it lol. :p
  5. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    Ya it took me a while too, I did the same thing on my first account 5 years ago :p
    I didn't really see any value to it it until I started searching out people to talk to. Back then I was really big into vbulletin, so I'd answer or help out with any vbulletin question I saw on Twitter. Now a days though it's a lot tougher because now spammers blast crap all over the place and will have vbulletin, php, ipb etc tags on it, mostly for freelance sites.
    I also have a good list of local users in my city that at any given point I can look and see what's going on in town.
    It's pretty handy but TBH I'm getting a bit tired of it..lol
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  6. vVv

    vVv Guest

    yeah, that's my main issue / thing though... not really having the TIME/desire for it, the patience to use it to full capacity. i have normal personal account that i've had for years, but never check it nor use it nor talk to people i know, because i don't have time nor desire to sit on there and "talk" alot. even facebook is old/too much too. i don't like having too much to dabble/deal with, like many various accounts for stuff. like; twitter, myspace, facebook, etc etc.. "guess i gotta update status on all the stuff... Not! Blah!" lol. easier to login, post links to shyt, and logout lmao.
  7. pk698

    pk698 Active Member

    so is it better to have as many followers as possible, or to tweet as much as you can. or a little of both? I tweet about... sporadically, actually, my last tweet, before now, was back in august. maybe I need to step it up.
  8. vVv

    vVv Guest

    from the way Brandon talks, interaction and socializing is key i guess, of course that's why and what social networking is all about lol. just to me, i don't like all of that, nor have time for it, so that's my downfall with it. of course, with facebook, i had too much local "friend" drama and such and that was big turn off factor for me.. and lost desire in facebook. but yeah, according to Brandon.. just keep posting, and interacting..
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  9. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    I can certainly understand the time issue. There are a lot of great tools to help you target those who you'd want to chat with. I use to have tweetdeck setup on my 2nd monitory with 4 or 5 search terms, then as list came about, I'd have a list of two as well. You can see alerts when new tweets come through those channels which makes it easier. It's better to have 10-100 followers that you talk to, that talk to you versus 1,000 or 10,000 that know nothing about you and don't care what you have to say.
    When we're tring to get Google Fiber in my town I was on Twitter nonstop and had several conversations going every day. It's defiantly easy to get tied up in Twitter, but there are also phone apps that make it easy to chat from anywhere.
    I still use the DM feature every day, it's how I chat with my sons mom as well as a few of my friends.
    As I said I'm kinda getting away from Twitter, I'm even farther away from facebook. I think if it wasn't for family and wanting to see pictures, I would of deleted my facebook account a year ago.

    Both can be such a time suck if you let them ;)

    Also add your twitter account in your forum sig, I'm more likely to reach out and say hi if I know a little about you already. And I'll follow just about anyone, so you may get a few followers too.. :p
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  10. vVv

    vVv Guest

    yeah, i used TweetDeck before too. of course, having my number of twitter accounts tied to it, seemed easier.. but still was headache haha. i'm down for having software /program to run and use that ties ALL the accounts into ONE place... but even THAT gets overwhelming too... Because there's just so much stuff flooding through, it's like.. "Wtf!?!? blah!!!! don't have time to weed through it!" Need to make clones of myself... "ok, vVv2, you're handling all twitter accounts today... vVv3, you're doing facebook accounts today.. vVv4, you're doing myspace today... vVv5, you're doing all site updates/resource updates/ postings today.. and MYSELF, movies and pron!... Ok.. GO!" Lmfao...
  11. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    Let me know if you figure that out, I could use a few more BS'ers too.
  12. vVv

    vVv Guest

    lmfao. :p
  13. Aarmin

    Aarmin Active Member

    I don't know how you guys can stand twitter... but I'm not really into this "stuff".

    I do want more to draw more traffic to my website; I'm thinking I will start using Facebook, but I don't know how.

    I'm also thinking about using YouTube.
  14. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    Agree with Brandon.. a bit of interaction goes a long way. I'm starting to get more an more users through twitter, but it depends on your niche...

    lots of Surrey locals are following me, since I tweet Surrey Events (obviously this is useful to them), they then learn if they add their Surrey related events to the forum, they get tweeted out...

    If you let the people using twitter know that there is something in it for them, they'll use your forum for that reason (its far easier to go to the forum and have your event tweeted to thousands of Surrey locals rather than getting all the locals 1st to follow you)
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  15. RickM

    RickM Well-Known Member

    It works for us. I wrote a small script that runs every time we make a news post on our site, it sends it off to twitter, and then off to our Facebook page.

    We get a good few retweets from it and often get questions being asked and discussions building on twitter from it. It does get people to the site.
  16. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Yes, it does. See for yourself...
    Even tho small, it works.

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