Does this exist: easy way to flag thousands of emails bad?

Our forum has been around since 2002 and we recently set our first mailer via SES which went poorly. Too many bounces, so the campaign didn't complete.

Anyway, I'll be resending it via Dragonbyte Mail, but before I do so I'd like to:
  • Flag accounts with bad e-mail addresses. About 7000
  • Respect those who clicked the unsubscribe link: about 600
Is there a tool that can import a list of these users/e-mails and mark the user accounts appropriately?
Regarding invalid email addresses, there is a built in option to detect those and set the account status accordingly.
I have that configured, and it's slowly tracking the bounce log.

What I've got now is a list of bounces from old e-mail accounts stored in an external program. I can export the bad mails/usernames, but I don't know of a way to use that list other than entering them all manually.

Which I'd really prefer not to do. ;)


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The simplest way would be create a script which would loop through the user records and set the status accordingly.

Or you could create a single query for each record - that would be fairly straightforward using Excel.
I'm not afraid of programming at all, but I just realized I really need to learn PHP, mysql, and modern coding methods. :(