XF 1.2 Does there exist a upgrade pay addon ?


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Does there exist a upgrade pay addon ?

What I need is members join free to the base members and then to upgrade to
another membership that has more access and perks you would pay paypal
XYZ amount and be upgraded.
Checked the mods , but putting the word paid brings up every paid mod. :rolleyes:

Ideas or help appreciated.


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I have those activated for moderation on new members.

I am looking for a purchase system, not just the upgrade which I think you are referring to .

I will say it differently:

Member A: wants to join Member B group.
Member A: pays ( example ) 10.00 and is upgraded B group.
I could do this manually but something more like a shop mod to buy new
membership would be much easier.



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Your responses are not detailed enough for me to get what your saying ?
I checked the XF settings didn't see anything. Did a search on here too didnt see anything.
If you could give me a clue as I am not catching what your throwing . :)


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Ok found it upon doing a search not sure how it ties in to paypal .
The help section in XF is very limited on this option.
I am on the right track, thank you for the help. Probably can figure it out .

Have a good one.