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Does moving threads from an established forum affect SEO?

Last week I launched a new forum in a niche that will require several nodes & categories in the future. Right now I'm keeping it simple & my node structure is:

Category A
  • Forum A1
  • Forum A2
  • Forum A3
Category B
  1. Forum B1
  2. Forum B2
  3. Forum B3
The thing is that each forum mentioned above can be split into sub-forums which is a MUST for me to keep my forum organized. After my forum is filled with a couple hundred thread I'd like to have each main category structured like this:

Category A
Forum A1
  • Forum A1-1
  • Forum A1-2
  • Forum A1-3
Forum A2
  • Forum A2-1
  • Forum A2-2
  • Forum A2-3
So the ONLY question I'm worried about is that if after a couple of months I decide to launch subforums & move posts will it hurt my forum SEO wise?


Formerly CyclingTribe
No, it shouldn't do, because the thread links don't include the forum name/ID - for example this thread's URL is:

It will remain the same even if the thread is moved to another forum/sub-forum. (y)

Shaun :D
Got it. Thanks :)
Also, as you just pointed out in the above example, whats that number 33754 doing at the end of the URL? Will it change if I move the threads?