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Does anyone know where is the best place...?

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To sell vBSEO licenses?

I'm not soliciting for sales of vb licenses, I'm trying to get rid of 3 of my vbseo licenses right now because I need at least 300 dollars that I already invested - back.

I'm not asking to sell here on xenforo, I'm asking where is the best place to do this.

I've tried many admin sites and nobody's responding! :(

Brogan, and other mods leave this open until I find answers, after that - go bonkers - lock it.

[And yes, I did do a search...]

Mike Edge

Formerly Da Bookie Mon
I would try webhostingtalk.com IIRC, after posting you'll need to submit a screenshot of the members area to a mod to prove you indeed have the lisc your selling and it's active.
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