Does Anyone Else Have An iPad Pro?


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The Apple Pencil is a dream. I love drawing with it. It's fun browsing with it too. It would be cool if there was some special Xenforo features that could take advantage of the pencil. On some Xenforo forums I'm unable to move the cursor when typing. Doesn't happen to me on other sites. They probably just need to update. I own a space grey 128GB Wi-Fi only version and I've installed a lot of apps, movies to infuse and vlc, games and downloaded my music playlists from Google Play Music. I constantly run out of memory. I wish I waited and had gotten the 256GB iPad Pro instead and I thank God I waited for a 128GB to be available when all Best Buy had was 32GB because I'd really be playing musical chairs with my apps then.

Typing on the touchscreen keyboard is better than the touchscreen on the Surface Pro which I played with before choosing the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is a gaming machine beast when paired with a bluetooth controller. Battery lasts long and it's like I'm carrying a lil TV around because of how large the screen is compared to other tablets. I'm even able to play Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games with emulation. I used to sign RetroArch to my iPad using X-Code but can't anymore cause my Mac broke, the only other alternative I use for that kind of emulation is Happy Chick and Provenance.

Browsing the web is fast, clean and some apps like Facebook and Amazon look better on it than they do on my other devices, however, some apps like Snapchat and Instagram are not upsized to be full screen.

When I go on FB it's a full screen experience, as if I'm still on a computer, for some reason I was worried about it going to mobile version but it doesn't. I haven't owned an iPad before so that's why. I have dropped this thing multiple times and it still works fine, no scratches. I do use a case 90% of the time and I bought a $20 something blluetooth keyboard that lets me swivel it in both landscape and portrait.


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I realize you're a giant ipad pro fan. I am also a giant ipad pro fan and general, the brand apple is the best. I never had problems with the brand apple. I also have the Ipad Pro. Luckily, I bought the biggest model. I have the model with 256 G memory. I am already using 110G now. That is why I am very glad to have decided for a larger model. Before the Ipad Pro I only used the pc to work. Sometimes I used my notbook, but it didn't please me. Now I almost use the ipad pro. I play online games, order at amazon, buy at ebay, watch movies, buy clothes, twitter or browse the web. I can recommend the ipad pro to everyone. It is great, above all the camera is awesome. It makes super pictures. The screen is huge with 2732x2048 px !!. You tell you are able to play old games like Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games with an emulation. That sounds great. Can you tell me how the emulation is called?:)

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I have an 128GB iPad Pro Cellular+WiFi through Verizon and absolutely love it. I also love the Apple Pencil. My only complaint is I wished the Pro model was more like a touch screen version of say like a MacBook Air cause your very limited on what you can do which is why the Surface tablets are nice because you can literally do everything with it you can with a a Windows based laptop. All in all I would still rather have Apple products. I currently have an early 2013 MacBook Pro Retina, an iPad Pro, an iPhone 6s+ a third gen AppleTV as well as a 64GB 4th Gen AppleTV. My whole family have iPhones and both my wife and mother in law have 128GB iPad Air's WiFi only.


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Can you tell me how the emulation is called?:)
I jailbroke iOS 9.3.3. I no longer use RetroArch. I would like to, but they left the N64 core out and I can't sign anything cause my Macbook's broke.
What I want to know is if the newest ipad mini if nice and worth it for a custom smart home/automation in wall remote.
Why would you use an iPad for that when most smartphones already have that capability (with apps)?
My only complaint is I wished the Pro model was more like a touch screen version of say like a MacBook Air cause your very limited on what you can do...
That's a big issue with me cause I want to upload music to Google Play on-the-go and unfortunately that can't be done in iOS. smh.


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Why would you use an iPad for that when most smartphones already have that capability (with apps)?
Kind of a long explanation and I do already use my iphone to control these things but I have a very specific application and using an existing hardware platform (iOS/apple hardware) is cheaper and faster than getting into builder mode and making my own system from the ground up.

I was going to grab a used ipad 4 mini and on the internal entrance way (dual exterior entrance) of my new place, mount it flush with the wall and using a milling jig I made cut a single piece of aluminum into an apple-esque trim bezel that provides me mounting points for the studs and a common place to hardwire the charger behind it in the pocket in the wall.

I will also add a flush mounted usb port to the exterior of the wall for failover should the power die again out here (couple winters ago we had no power for like 14-18 days) so that I can plug in a portable USB power supply and charge the unit (this is somewhat important for me).

Right next to that ipad wall mount is my laundry room outside of my living areas at what is basically the back door to my house and while having the ipad there is needed for other reasons, it is still convenient for when I need something to listen to while tending laundry four feet away.

Now that you have a picture of my application here is the why.

My door locks, security cameras, adaptive ambient lighting, ceiling lighting, and whole home air scrubbing system are all controllable with apple devices / apple homekit either directly or by chaining hardware, software and/or services.

Like when I want to open the door and I am walking towards it and just hit a button on my phone and say "Siri, Let me penetrate" and Siri responds by unlocking my door, or when I want to turn on my air cleaner I say "Siri, Bl** **" and the 1000+ CFM blower turns on.

Having the ipad there allows me to remotely buzz people in if I have to let a friend or family member in and am not home at the time (or if I left the windows open and it was a really heavy pollen day I can start the air cleaner and have 99.9% scrubbed clean by the time I get home and shut the windows) .

The biggest "me" reason I want the ipad out there (and it doesn't need cellular service just wifi/bt) is so that when I lock myself out (and I do it a couple times a decade) I don't have to look all B&E about life trying to break in my own 2nd floor windows with all my superthug neighbors getting some wild ideas of camaraderie while they watch.

Getting too old for that crap, you know my steez.