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Does anybody have moneybookers account here?

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Where abouts in the world are you? I was just wondering if you could use a pre paid/pay card to use through paypal?


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I have more @ Monebookers.
I don't have enough money on my bank account.

I have some problems on the website of my bank, so I cannot withdraw from moneybookers.


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New Member, since December, writing what you´ve done, sounds like a Scammer.
Must not be but but someone with a good sense would not start a Topic right after.....

I also tell anyone I've just met, about my problems...

Only way i know is to withdraw your moolah to your bank account. Upload it to Paypal. It will take some days and a fee but´s safe

BTW, if you are verified Paypal user you always can pay with Paypal through your Bank


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If I had a guarantee from Xenforo that they'd give me the license if you reversed the paypal payment, I would help you out, but yea, it just sounds/feels wrong, so I'll have to decline.


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For anybody who can help, I can give proofs, screenshots.
Even teamviewer.
Yea, but proof of what exactly?
You have to understand people aren't going to take the risk, for someone who's new to the community with no name for themself.
If I had money to spare, I would take it, just to help you out, but I just can't afford the risk.


she running a nulled copy of XF currently though, that's why she trying to hurry and get funds to get license to be legit XF user/customer. :) She was looking for a good host other day, and I PC'd her about going with Mike Edge's hosting.. cause she was getting bad DDoS attacks other day. She said about running Nulled copy of XF, and wanted to get legit XF license asap. she trying to be legit peoples.. :p lmao.
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