Do you run a home server for backups and file serving?


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I finally broke down and spent money to build a server for the house. Our websites file backup is now getting to be 10gb in size and the database is around 500mb. I try and do the database every day and the file backup once a week but it gets old doing the 10+ gigs each week and I know I could use rsync or other methods with one of my current computers. The problem with trying to use my current computer is I only have a 500 gb drive and it is pretty much full and I do too much tinkering with my pc to consider it dependable.

I wanted something that will strictly be a server with redundancy at least with the hard drives for the storage. Also since I do the distributed computing for disease research I wanted something fairly stout but low wattage to run the computing projects since the server will barely be loaded.

I was thinking about using freeNAS but with that I don't think I can setup services like mysql or the other things I would need for the computing project. So I think I will be putting debian on it and setting up NFS, mysql and the computing projects. I could even put windows 7 on it as well and also use it for a desktop for my wife.

My ultimate goal is to use rsync to do daily incremental backups, setup mysql for a slave database to our website's database, and also have a file server so I have a safe place to put all of our videos and music. Don't really have too much music, maybe 25gb worth but we have around 400gb of videos and that just keeps growing.

I am curious to see if anyone else has a similar setup and how they went about doing it. I ended up going with a Asus P8B motherboard, Xeon E3-1230 Sandy Bridge, 8gb DDR3 1600 ram, and for now I got one 1.5tb sata 6gb/s 7200 rpm hard drive. Once I have a little bit more of a budget I plan on getting one 250gb drive for the operating system and three more of the 1.5tb drives to setup all four in a raid 1+0 array.

Anthony Parsons

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I got rid of our home server and replaced it with a Drobo FS instead. 10TB or storage, with Drobo's built-in dual redundancy + automatic RAID that uses a combination RAID 5 + RAID 10 simultaneously, never having to worry about a drive failure or data loss... every again. Its always striping + backing up, all at the time of writing data. No server solution could provide what current NAS providers have, Microsoft or Apple.

I used to use a home server with RAID... but RAID by itself just sucks when it failed... with the NAS solutions around these days, I figured I was wasting time with home servers vs. current NAS solutions and there technologies.


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I use FreeNas as my home storage server. I have 4 x 2tb Samsungs, provides 5.2TB of usable space running under ZFS with a RAIDZ configuration. I can lose a drive, or suffer from bad sectors/bit rot and ZFS will repair the actual data on disk by comparing the checksums of redundant copies :)