Do You Limit Image / Photo Upload Size?


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Xenforo lets us limit the filesize of member uploads, and also lets you limit the resolution of images uploaded (so anything above xyz pixels will be resized).

On one of my sites I have the max attachment size set to 10mb and the filesize set to 1,500 x 1,000, so anything larger than that gets resized.This means that most of the huge images that members upload are resized to about 500 kb or less. Obviously this has pros (reduces total HD usage) and cons (reduces image resolution), so I'm curious what you all have as your settings / limits for uploads?

On my site I decided to do a test. I changed the image size from 1200 x 1000 to 2000 x 2000. I've had 10 images uploaded since that change a few hours ago, and he average size went from about 300kb to about 700kb! I changed my setting back to 1500 x 1500 and now the average resized image size is about 300kb.

So, do I support larger images but potentially have way more disk-space usage, or not?


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Actually I'm using:
max attachment size set to 10mb
image size: 1600x1200

I use a static width for the forum and the posts "column" is about 800px. (in this way uploaded pictures from smartphones are 2x).

Anthony Parsons

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I don't encourage image uploading... copyright is getting worse and ignorance for fair use and such nowadays (DMCA) is not cutting it in all countries. Luckily I live in one that does right now... but I got tired of DMCA's and worse, when copyright owners start sending them to your hosting provider, added pressure.

Mine is set to 5MB for premium members only, registered members can't upload.


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We don't allow uploading to posts at all except for staff who need to upload screenshots to help members. We use Bob's Showcase and Article Management System add-ons and members can upload one photo per item/article, max 500kb.

However, we do use the image proxy and that's set to 2mb per image. We have around 200k images just in the proxy log, so hosting images forever is not feasible for us.


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50 images per post
1200 x 1200

1 site has 45K images, the other 163K. We are an image heavy site. We hate 3rd party hosting as our images are for reference & 3rd party images have a habit of disappearing.

I look at the 9mb limit as the upload file-size limit as images get resized on the fly. It's a big improvement in ease of use for our users who aren't all computer savvy. We had something like a 200kb limit on old platform with an online image optimiser to help users reduce the size of their pics.
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80 images per post.
I think I'll end up with similar settings.

What's interesting is that I don't think I've ever even noticed the "Maximum Attachments per Message" option. I just never saw a reason to really limit the number of images per post... but I guess some people might have real reasons to use it?


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We hate 3rd party hosting as our images are for reference & 3rd party images have a habit of disappearing.
I COMPLETELY agree! We've had some really amazing articles written on our site with brilliant pictures... only to find a year or two later that the 3rd party site is gone, the person moved their folders around, or just removed their pics. It leaves such a mess on the site!


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My only issue there is running into copyright issues. If members upload copyright images to our server, that's on them... but I worry that if we run a script to take images they hotlink and copy them over to our server, that we might be in a gray area.


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Easy sorted in the T&C's I reckon. Outside of the occasional members 3rd party hosted images, hotlinked images are a rarity on our site & would fall under fair use I reckon. Our members are so polite they even ask ebay sellers permission to use their images for reference. ;)


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Well, from what I'm hearing from others is that most are limiting uploads... most around 2000 x 2000.

I think I'm going to go with a limit of 2,000 x 2,000 and an attachment limit of 10MB