Do you keep trophies if things are deleted?


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Okay, say there is a trophy for making 1,000 posts. So you make 1,000 posts, and then 200 of your posts are deleted. Would you keep the 1,000 posts trophy? Better question, if I have 999 posts, and then 200 posts are deleted leaving me with 799... would I get the 1,000 post trophy at post 800, or would I need to work back up to 1,000?

I ask this because I plan on putting trophy support into XenMedio. I don't want people posting erroneous videos; only to build up trophy points... my moderators will delete the videos; but I don't want a user getting credits when they shouldn't.


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Once a trophy has been rewarded it will not be taken back.

For the post count question: if you are at 799 posts and 200 are deleted, you will need 201 posts to be awarded the trophy.