Do we have any WHM/cPanel experts here?


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well the problem is not with cpanel or whm. the problem is how the server is behaving.

see for this instance.

this is what i get while importing a vb database from xenforo.

not a mysql error. not a php timeout error. just a 404. when i a running a script from the admin panel on xenforo. the script works for a while. and then ends up on this screen.

this problem is not limited to xenforo. it is happening with wordpress as well. i try to publish a post, i get a 404 screen! it happens randomly.

it is pretty clear that either php or mysql is timing out. the limits are pretty generous.

there are no errors recorded in apache logs. there are no errors recorded in mysql logger. this has been baffling my server guy. he is asking if xenforo produces its own log. i cannot find any. and from my experience using wordpress, it too do not have an internal logging mechanism.

David McHenry

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optimize your /etc/my.cnf file and restart MySQL,

Update to the latest php, apache and MySQL if you already aren't

update to the latest WHM if you can

see if any of that helps, without error logs it's hard to tell whats happening.


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there is nothing in error logs. even xenforo's own log does not show anything wrong.

the server is a fresh install. whm/cpanel are latest. php and mysql are latest. everything is in order. server load is not high.

it simply does not work.


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Try adding $config['debug'] = 'true'; in your config.php file.

its giving me good info at my place right now.

i am now looking for a similar thing on wordpress where the problem is replicating. :|


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yeap. turning on debug mode giving me tons of :

The controller does not define an action called .


I am not facing the problem on the forum itself.


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i am getting this one user import. tons of users. probably i should remove users with zero posts from my vB. but then i am just testing around the import feature right now. would not migrate till stable version arrives.