XF 1.4 Do not know what i am doing Installation

Hello everyone
So I will be the first to admit I am not so bright when it comes to files and such
I look at the installation instructions and it's really like looking at hieroglyphics lol
I downloaded the xenforo thing..and I downloaded filezilla...
I realize I need a web host....I tried 00webhost apparently my domain isn't working
I thought when you buy the license and put the domain name
That was the domain name....
Anyway I need help because I'm literally at the point where I'm going to plop on the floor and start foaming from the mouth lol...

I need simple instructions even an idiot like me can understand.... please please please help...
I don't wanna find out I spent 140.00 for no reason because I'm not smart enough to understand :(

I'm really not trying to pay 50 to just install....


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Go Daddy offers both although not sure if their hosting meets XenForo's minimum requirements.. But a simple domain can be had for s few bucks a year.. Simple shared hosting only slightly more. But from the sounds of it you still need to shell out some more coin..