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Woohoo! Thanks! Just checked your website and noticed the .nl extension, so I assume you’re Dutch, just like me! (Currently living in Argentina tho but might visit Netherlands in January again!) Dankjewel voor de snelle update, ik ga de addon nu kopen! 😄
Haha, I'm indeed dutch! Nice I have been abroad to bulgaria for a cuple of years but also for couple of years back again in the netherlands :) Thanks for purchasing the addon, if you need any assistance or support just contact me.

As there is ni license added to it at the moment, updates are free :)
Gh0stAdventures updated [XFF] - Local Time with a new update entry:

[XFF] - Local Ttime

Changelog 05-11-2021:

- Added local time to the account visitor menu


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Hey @Gh0stAdventures, is it also possible to add the local time somewhere in the message cell? So when a users posts something that they can directly see the local time of the person who commented or posted without hovering over the profile and checking the postbit?

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