XF 1.4 Dissociate Members Lists from Who's Online?


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How can I still show Who's Online in the sidebar, while NOT having the members list show? If I'm not mistaken, these two work together? If you disable the Members List, you lose the Who's Online. Am I missing something?


There's probably a more simple way, but do a template search for {xen:link members} and comment out or remove every instance of it in each template, except member_list and member_notable--we'll get to those in a bit. For example, navigation:

Rich (BB code):
<xen:comment><li><a href="{xen:link members}">{xen:phrase notable_members}</a></li></xen:comment>

Then comment out the entire contents of the member_list (if you have the full member list enabled) and member_notable templates. People would still be able to access the pages, but if they do, they'll just get a blank page, like so:

KHF Member List.PNG

There may be a way to unlink the Members tab, but I couldn't see anything.
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