XF 1.2 Displaying Notice to older browsers that don't support responsive


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I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere, I've searched and searched all over so if I'm missing it, slap me. ;)

I'm using XF 1.2 and responsive is something I'm trying to design around. I've used adsense's asynchronous ads and code snippets to put responsive ads on the site as well as resize my own images (join now banners) or even adjust placement. Real cool stuff, exciting to see it happen as you work on it. :)

It works great on newer browsers, but older, like say IE8 - the ads don't resize (and default to the smallest) and in some cases, don't show (because my default is blank height and width). Also, XF itself doesn't respond as it should on resizing.

Anyone know off hand how I could detect easily if the browser supports what I'm trying to do here, and if not simply display a notice? I would like to use XFs notice system.

Is there some sort of html5 media check that can simply be done, and if it returns true assign some class value.. Then perhaps I could do it with the "Page" tab of the notice setup, "view class"?

Honestly I expected to find something like this already posted so, if I'm missing it please direct. Thanks for any assistance!
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